Medical Marijuana – Choosing the right Strain

As a first timer, an array of product choices you are in face of may seen overwhelming. That’s why it is always imperative to choose one of the reputable, licensed San Jose dispensaries to work with. Thoughtful and knowledgeable personnel will almost always be get into having a positive experience with using medical-grade dope. Here are a few vital things to know.

Choosing a Strain

The different types of cannabis products available are known as strains. Sometimes, these are even referred to as varieties grand daddy purple. Strains are actually a categorization for the assorted types of plants that the medical-grade dope products are derived from. The product strains correspond to the influence of the effects and the specific experiences they are probable to offer to the consumer. From the different strains, there are various other sub-types available.

Check out the following key varieties of medical dope strains. This is the breakdown of where these strains are from and which types of conditions they are better suited to treat.

Cannabis Hybrids – These plants are selected and planted with the blend of both Sativa and Indica plants. This results in the combination and variety of effects from both types. Hybrid plants are generally prescribed when medical dope patients have very specific needs for symptom relief. The ability to modify the effects is what makes hybrid cannabis plants as the best strains for the first timers with serious medical ailments.

Cannabis Indica – These plants grow in mountainous regions and are shorter, fuller plants. They even have thicker layers of resin that develop as a form of protection. The varieties of Indica are taken for their relaxation health advantages, rendering it an ideal treatment for medical ailments like chronic pain or sleep loss as it may aid to relieve pain and calm nerves efficiently.

Cannabis Sativa – These plants are cultivated in equatorial regions and are older. The varieties of Sativa for medical-grade dope are more energizing and are meant for stimulating creativity or physical activities. Due to this, Sativa products are taken for conditions such as a disease that result in chronic fatigue or depression.

It is recommended to visit only licensed San Jose dispensaries where you can browse and get the right strain according to the symptoms being faced.

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