Quit smoking Marijuana And Come alive Again

Some of my quit smoking clients also want to quit smoking medical marijuana as well, or some have quit smoking cigarettes but now want to be clear of pot as well.

Most of these people are in their thirties and many of them tell me a similar thing. That they never thought they would be adult smokers. They thought that medical marijuana was a thing to do in their youth and into their early twenties.

But as they settled down with a family they would naturally stop doing it. But for reasons uknown it’s incorrect, they keep smoking but don’t enjoy it as much.

The remember the early days of smoking pot, it all seemed so much fun, but now it just may seem to make them tired. Cannabis Topicals

One client said it seemed almost like medical marijuana was drawing living out of her body. But it was a habit which was so ingrained into her life that she couldn’t manage to live without it.

If you want to quit smoking pot then you need to identify what benefits you feel you get from it. Plus what are your triggers for smoking. When do you do it, where are you at the time? Do you have a fixed routine or is your smoking completely random.

All habits have a trigger, an action and a reward. Area of the solution is observing all of these. E. gary. certain friends come around, this is your trigger, you smoke medical marijuana, this is the action, and you enjoy the relaxed mellow feeling, this is the reward.

Or you put the youngsters to bed, the trigger, you smoke, this is the action and you feel relaxed and calm, the reward.

In many cases the triggers will remain but you need to do something else other than smoke and then notice the reward and focus on it.

The second area of the quitting process is using trance to make the whole process much easier. This will help release your connections to smoking and to separate you from your old triggers. Trance will work with your exact triggers and reasons for smoking pot and even address the places you smoke.

In addition your new desired feelings will be introduced during trance, making it much easier for you to create new actions and new rewards.

Between the conscious process of creating new habits and the trance you will be able to make a drug free life for yourself.

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